Gas-Pro TK Portable Gas Detector


Gas-Pro TK dual range portable monitor is ideal at any flammable gas concentration it uses the best sensor technology to reliably monitor inerted tank environments – dual IR. Gas-Pro TK is designed for use in this specialist environment where standard gas detectors just won't work, whether tank purging or gas freeing.

Gas-Pro TK dual range portable monitor measures the concentration of flammable gas in inerted tanks. Available for methane, butane and propane, Gas-Pro TK uses a dual IR sensor – the best technology for this specialist environment, which means Gas-Pro TK dual IR:

  • Isn't inhibited by high hydrocarbon concentrations unlike catalytic bead sensor;
  • measures gas in high %vol as well as %LEL concentration, which single IR sensors can't;
  • auto-ranges switch between %vol and %LEL measurement, so always operating to the correct parameter.

Gas-Pro TK keeps you up-to-the moment with oxygen concentrations in the tank; telling you when the oxygen levels are;

  • low enough to load and store fuel safely;
  • high enough for safe tank entry.

Tanks can be sampled quickly from their top, middle or base, due to an integrated pump which draws samples through a line up to 30m long.

Offering detection of up to five gases in a compact and rugged solution, Gas-Pro TK has an easy-to-read top mount display, combining ease of use and user focused features. At 340g, it is light enough to clip to your belt or overalls, so it easy for the technician to keep with them during their working day.



Gas-Pro TK Portable Gas Detector

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