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In the event of a gas or vapour release, we can put detection systems and controls in place to achieve virtually anything from setting early beacon sounder alerts, shutting down plant, switching on fans, to calling local emergency services - all using the various outputs available on our dedicated fixed control panels.

We can also supply personal portable monitors for a wide range of gases and vapours including Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Propane (C3H8), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen Chlorine (HCl), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Hydrocarbon (HC), Nitrogen (N2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Phosphine (PH3), Formaldehyde (CH2O), Ammonia (NH3), Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), Fluorine (F2), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN), Hydrogen Fluoride (HF), Nitric Oxide (NO), Phosgene (CCl2O) and Toluene (C7H8) from single units to multi-site fleets.

  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Chlorine (Cl2)
  • Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)
  • Fluorine (F2)
  • Formaldehyde (CH2O)
  • Hydrocarbon (HC)
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)
  • Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
  • Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Nitric Oxide (NO)
  • Nitrogen (N2)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Phosgene (CCl2O)
  • Phosphine (PH3)
  • Propane (C3H8)
  • Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
  • Toluene (C7H8)

We are ready to assist you with all of your fixed and portable gas detection enquiries

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